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"Natures Remedial Agencies"

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  • Free mini-Lifestyle Appraisal while Videoconferencing


As a community service to the Nature's Remedial Agencies seminar attendees and workshop participants, a FREE mini-Lifestyle appraisal is being offerred via one of the videoconferencing websites.
By eMailing a request for an appointment, a FREE mini-Lifestyle appraisal during the session, right then and there, may be available and afterwards file transfering the results of it right back as well as any other helpful information may be one of the features of using videoconferencing.
In addition, the results of the FREE mini-Lifestyle appraisal may be useful to share with one's personal physician. A FAX maybe sent for  a minimal charge to to you, as soon as possible, to your primary care practitioner. 
Payments for this e-health care service needs to be paid for prior to videoconferencing. Also, since this a charitable ministry i.e, a community health service such as that like a  501(c)(3) tax exempt ebusiness and your payments for "e-health care" are considered tax exempt.

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Free min-Lifestyle Appraisal while Videoconferencing

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III John 1:2