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The eNewsletter is news brief emailed out to those who have attended the Nature's Remedial Agencies seminars and workshops, and signed up for it. It includes a varity of natural health based articles, specific fitness information, and wonderful Vegan recipes.
It is hoped that it will help keep current and former seminar attendees and/or workshop participants up-to-date on natural health based educational information, fitness, and vegan recipes.
Ladies and Gentlemen, these are eNewsletters worthly to share with all your family and friends as hopefully future seminar attendees and/or participants.



Date: April 7th, 2012

From: Dr. Mitchell B. Barlow


Dear all former clients, customers, patients, family and friends-one and all;


After about 35 years  (1977 - 2012) involved somehow in the health field, i.e., community health/ health education, private nursing, and of course, what I love best-homestyle traditional naturopathy, With a very heartfelt feeling, deep contemplation, as well as serious prayer, that I must release this news of my timely decision to retire.


There you have it-now you know-that I have made this choice to retire from ‘active’ practice as a registered traditional naturopath for various important personal reasons. Although the people whom I have worked right along side of during some of these years in the Las Vegas, NV area, as well as those too whom we all have helped as a team together, i.e., all of you-whether patients/ customers/ clients or true friends – you know who you are – especially those of you whom I have come to know to empathize to share in your problems and troubles with while personally helping you, and those of you who have become my professional advisors-reassuring me in my career as well as in this matter of changing professional paths. I say, “So, long,” everyone, knowing I have done the best my education, training, and experience that my country and my culture, and I knows how to do.  To you who say that even though I am “formally ‘retired” - that because of my medical missionary spirit - I will be staying busy doing something to do honest service to others. There are a few items regarding my work that I must do before technically closing my professional health practice and website, so be aware even though I will have some ‘presence’ on the web for a little while longer I am working towards my full retirement.


At any rate, by those closest to me, my family, my friends, I am told that  I would find myself at times “on the job” -  a little fitness therapy here, a little hydrotherapy there, here a little massage-there a little massage -- what I love best -- those who know me best assure me that my community service work-as a health educator-is still needed in the community. However, right now, a little home remodeling and organic gardening needs a good portion of my focus and attention.  In closing, and in good conscious, I now must assure all of you that, if any of you need any further help with natural remedies, natural agencies, and natural methods, natural lifestyle, any relevant thing-I wholeheartedly recommend that you check out naturopaths who – are with a medico—of having a “lifestyle medicine” orientation. Farewell everyone, I thank you one and all—thanks be to the Creator who made all of the trustworthy healing agents of nature.


In Kind Regards,

Dr. Mitchell B. Barlow

Las Vegas, NV







Dear Dr. Barlow;

I could hardy believe what I read about your retirement. I’m sorry to hear you are retiring because I found you to be one of the best traditional naturopaths in the field.. … of course it is my opinion ….What I learned about the way you treated me with simple home hydrotherapy, … self massage, and the importance of sticking to my exercise therapy methods I will cherish... Your motto, “Love Overcomes” I will value for life… ….I will always believe you’re the best. …  People seem to always have questions about a  naturopath’s ethics… …well, I find, Dr. Barlow your personal ethics are above reproach.


Las Vegas, Nevada





Date: April 7th, 2012

Dr. Barlow

I recently received and read your email about your retirement this morning. So, sorry you are retiring .…all that I learned about “temperance” and “moderation in all things”  will stay with me for life. As I recall too that “abstainance” IS a natural medicine too.…and you are truly the kind of naturopathist who impressed me as being committed to your patients and to the use of natural medicine …. Your  fitness tests were challenging at first… I like my new “cross-training” shoes you suggested… ….I know now it is true, what you taught about vegetarian meal plans… … for our own good- so we can have the best outcomes as a result. ..


Las Vegas,  NV




Hey, Dr. Barlow

After just receiving the news in my email of your retirement I thought I should email you right back. … .. Thanks to you, I now have a fresh start for on working my own health and … making some important changes in my life. … After attending your health education program I know I am better off than before it. … I wanted to say, I love you. .. I recollect that you came across to me as an honest to goodness health professional who cares… and later after getting to know what you are all about …. …you know, for a doctor who doesn’t diagnose, doesn’t prescribe, doesn’t make claims, I sure did get a lot out of what you did while you were there for me to help me. … I believe you to be a trusted naturopathic therapeutist in spite of what is in the media... …your FRESH START lifestyle aware presentation, I thought, was superb.


LV, Nevada



April 7th, 2012


Dear Doctor Barlow;

When I was told that by my sister who read your email to me that “Dr. Barlow is retiring,” I felt a bit sorry. ..I recall back when I was first told that I needed to have a fitness program.. …my BMI was too much..… ……my body fat % over… … I now know that there was a lot of the evidence there that made me think again  … …my weight has improved so much that I had to tell every one about you… …thank you for helping me with my fitness therapy needs…, that now I have my own exercise routine…. I tell them, that “Mitch Barlow a naturopathic therapist who I can recommend.”


North Las Vegas, NV



Dear “Mitch”

Do you have to retire? I had the best time of my life while working out with you in those fitness therapy sessions… I had a lot fun in the gym, … track, … pool… even though I am only a new fitness enthusiast…  Now, I am able to go to a recreational park, ..or a hiking trail and really enjoy it…. muscles are a lot more toned and I feel more limber than I have ever felt in my life. When someone recommended to me, way back when, “Dr. Barlow” as one of the best lifestyle orientated naturopathic therapists you can find in the area… I had to try you out…what surprised me was about “healthy” clothing… and …sunlight… “trust in God”… ..I am so grateful for your help in working out my personalized wellness plan. Please continue with your work… I hope you can come out of retirement for special cases? …


“old guy” - Matt

(Las Vegas, NV)




(Received: 4/7)


I see that country living must be calling you too. The announcement of your retirement from your practice is saddening to me, Dr. Barlow I remember when you helped me to use natural remedies to relieved my pain… …all that time of needless suffering from incident of an early time came to a close because of what you taught me. …I believe you to be a true Christian naturopath practitioner in every respect.  People ought to know about what you commonly share about moods, pH, oxidative stress, inflammation, etc… ..In hindsight, I see now that your professional fees were all well worth it! Your work that I witnessed amongst various12 step recovery group members, including serving both abuse children and individual sex offenders alike impressed me favorably …something I will always remember.. ….What helped me most was the way to treated people of all backgrounds alike … helping each of us in our making the transition to a healthier lifestyle…. I hope country living works out for you.


Henderson, Nevada




April 7th, 2012

To: Dr. Mitchell B Barlow

Re: You’re retirement email notice.

Why I am writing you is to express my gratitude for knowing you. I am a new person because of what your “doctoring” has done for me.  I have received so much good…. …from just a few counseling sessions….well, I can testify that you are a naturopathic doctor who has helped me more than words can express…. ….all the things that I’ve learned are worth much more than what the basic nutritional changes have made in my diet … I want you to know that I am so thankful that I feel a lot better now. …



Las Vegas, NV


COURTESY NOTICE: After 35 years in the health field (1970-2012), as of April 7th, 2012 Dr. Barlow wishes to annoynce that he will be sending email notifications all his former customers, clients, patients, family, freinds, etc regarding his retirement. Dr. Barlow will be formally 'retiring' from his 'active' naturopathic practice as of this date. No formal referrals will be taken from primary care practitions after April 7th, 2012. All current therapies will be concluded according to ethical treatment protocols. The ongoing health educational presentations and appointments for future Church based 12 step recovery groups may be made available as scheduled. So, please visit the website here for further developments.  Thank you for your interest and support throughout the years.

A Sample Vegan Recipe:

 Homemade Gluten  
3 cups Gluten Flour
1 cup Whole Wheat Flour
1 Tbs. Bakon Yeast Or Tortula Yeast
tsp. Lawry's Seasoned Salt
A Shake, 1/4, Or tsp. Of Celery, Onion & Or Garlic Pwd, Cumin, Ground Coriander Seed Etc.
4 Tbs. Yeast Flakes

Mix dry ingredients in bowl & add all at once
3- cups water
1/4 cup Soya sauce

Stir gently. Knead lightly & let stand while making broth.

Use less water when mixing gluten to get a tougher texture.
More water makes a more tender gluten

1-3 Tbs. Oil
1 Tbs. Marmite
3 Tbs. (Rounded) Chicken Style Seasoning
1 Tbs. Lawry's Seasoned Salt
1 tsp. Tortula Yeast Or Engetiva, Or Other Similar Nutritional Flavouring Yeast Pwd
tsp. Yeast Flakes (Brewer, Tortula, Etc.)
12-13 cups Water (10 cups Is Ok. Don't Fill The Pot More Than About 2/3 Because Gluten Swells)
cup Soya Sauce

(If Out Of Soya Sauce Or Marmite Increase The Other. Ratio ?? 1 Tbsp= C) 
Serving Size:
Break off pieces of gluten & form into balls or form into loaves & slice into " - " slices
Boil in broth for 20 - 30 minutes.

Un-used portions can be stored in frigid or can be frozen and reheated as desired.

To freeze, place on trays spacing so not to touch each other & freeze. When frozen remove from pan & pack in plastic bags & put back in freezer until needed. 
Nutritional Value:

'VideoChat' for Health's Sake

By using VideoChat we can talk about the health philosophy that my professor Dr.Mervin G. Hardinge of the Loma Linda School of Health exposed.

Pure Air
Proper Diet
Use of Water
Trust in Divine Power

Also, we can talk about health and fitness as it relates  to your specific health and medical concerns. Also, I'd love to share with you my intrepretation of this Holy Bible scripture verse; "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." III John 2

'VideoChat'  Health topics:
Q:What kind of cleanses are there?

A: Several different types of cleanses used for different people. The time of year, individual strength, and activity level used to determine which cleanse that is best for you.

Q: What does the Holy Bible have to say about Hygiene?

A: Througout the old testament and the new testment too-refers to cleansing. Go to the WEB BIBLE at and enter into anyone of the bible versions, the word, "cleansing."


Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.
III John 1:2