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"Natures Remedial Agencies"

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These Workshops are very practical, intriguing, and most enjoyable.

Simple home remedies are demonstrated, such as: . . . .

. . . demonstrations on:


        The Use of Water


        Simple Massage (home techniques)

      Air baths/Sun baths

        Herbal Teas

        Vegetarian (vegan) Recipes

        Basic Fitness Exercises

             Prayer and Scripture Study

The Nature’s Remedial Agencies Workshops were designed and developed to be conducted concurrently with the Nature’s Remedial Agencies Lecture Series presentations. There very useful, easy to do, and most enjoyable.


Other Alternative Medicine Services: 

These advanced therapies are for referred patients by their physicians, practitioners, or doctors and require an extended time of months, seasons, or even over a year.  

  • Leisure Therapy
  • Diet Therapy
  • Hobby Therapy & Recreation Therapy
  • Stress Control Therapy
  • Communication Therapy & Sex Therapy 
  • Repairative Therapy: is a Christ-centered therapeutic service which includes-Home Bible Studies, Outreach ministries, Parareligious Ministries, etC 
  • Self Care Therapy: Prayer, Mind-mapping, Meditation

* See your primary care specialist about a referral for any of these extended care therapies and then write,  e-Mail, or Fax your Rx referral for an appointment.

This is also a professional referral agency and referrals may be made for you, your family or any family member to a community agency, a local colleage: natural health care specialist or physician, certified nutritionist, licensed medical massage therapist, or clergy for bible based counseling.

Stress Control Therapy

If your family physcian refers you  for a lifestyle appraisal and recommends stress control therapies, there are some very simple natural agencies, natural methods, and natural remedies which are easy to do, while involved health and wellness counselling sessions. Also, note that a full physical examination is usually necessary and conducted by your primary physician and in some cases before therapies can be initiated. 

To schedule an appointment please send us your physicians referral by Fax: Just eMail for a FAX#


Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.
III John 1:2