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Naturopathic Counselling

Upon receipt of your physician's FAXed referral, we will mail you a free video tape "How to Use eHealth Care" explaining how to access your naturopathic health and wellness counsellor, what to expect from Cognitive Health Care Services during your entire year of sessions. Your video tape will include a segment on "Your Rights as a eHealth Care Patient" and "How your Naturopathic Doctor Works: as a Complimentary Medical Specialist" who works along with your family physician aiding you with the use of alternative medicines.

Thank you for visiting Cognitive Health Care Services Website. We encourage you to contact your practioner about us in order for him/her to FAX us your referral so, we then will mail you a free video tape introducing you to our yearly agreement services. We have a tax exempt, 501 (c)(3), scientific research funding option for payment.
You can reach us in the following ways:

Fax: 1-(413)-812-9515

U.S. Mail:
Cognitive Health Care Services
Palm Springs, CA
ZIP CODE . . . . 92263-0048 


Thank you for visiting our Website. May God bless you!