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Free mini-Lifestyle Appraisal while Videoconferencing

As a free service to the general public, a FREE mini-Lifestyle appraisal can be conducted while using one of the videoconferencing websites. At this time, a FREE mini-Lifetyle appraisal maybe conducted by simply logging onto and 'add'   III John 2   to your pals list.   III John 2   may be available to help conduct a FREE mini-Lifestyle appraisal during the session right then and there and afterwards file transfering the results of it right back to the participant while using the feature of videoconferencing.
The results of the FREE mini-Lifestyle appraisal maybe useful to share with one's personal physician. A FAX maybe sent or one may use any physician with for a FAXed referral. Your payments must be paid for in advance and in full,  also, we have a i.e., a 501(c)(3) tax exempt ebusiness fund.

Cognitive Health Care Services
Palm Springs, CA
ZIP CODE. . . 92263-0048
FAX 1-(413)-812-9515

Free min-Lifestyle Appraisal while Videoconferencing