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Our Services
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Naturopathic Counselling

Cognitive Health Care Services provides natural health based health and wellness counselling sessions-which are augmented with personalized multimedia programs-all having to do with natural health therapies...including prayer, 'mind mapping,' meditation, and inter-responsive multimedia programs, etC., all for an entire year at your convienence. Your naturopathic doctor as your health & wellness counsellor, usually will be the doctor whom conducted your initial complete lifestyle appraisal.

Our Annual Service Includes-
All Inclusive --- Treatment Options Are:

- Leisure Therapy
- Diet Therapy
- Hobby Therapy & Recreation Therapy
- Stress Control Therapy
- Communication Therapy & Sex Therapy
- Repairative Therapy: Christ-centered, Home Bible Studies, Outreach ministries, Parareligious Ministries, etC
- Self Care Therapy: Prayer, Mind-mapping, Meditation

We are a professional referral agency, and may refer you, your family or any family member to a local natural health care specialist, or clergy for bible based counseling.

Stress Control Therapy

If your family physcian refers you to a health and wellness counsellor for a lifestyle appraisal and recommended stress control therapies, we have some very simple natural agencies, natural methods, and natural remedies which are easy to do, while in a health and wellness counselling session. Also, note that a full physical examination is usually necessary and conducted by your physician and in some cases the naturopathic doctor in person before health and wellness counselling throughout the year is opted for.

To schedule an appointment please send us your physicians referral by Fax: 1-(413)-812-9515